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Established in 2005 as a partnership we have grown to become a leading regional contracting business underpinned by a foundation of excellence now trading as 1st call sewer services.

We focus on exceeding our client’s expectations throughout every step of the construction process from conception & feasibility to handover. No two projects are ever the same, each one presenting their own unique set of challenges, complexities & requirements. It is our approach and understanding of these that truly sets us apart and has formed the backbone of our continued success.

Our knowledge of construction methods & equipment, along with the principles of planning, managing & financing ensure we deliver successfully, on time and within budget, the first tangible results of design.

We embrace integration with stakeholders to identify optimum solutions and to anticipate and resolve problems in a constructive, collaborative way, an arrangement based on mutual trust and openness. As one of the most trusted civil engineering companies in essex our clients expect us to take projects from concept to completion in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, while making sure we consider the impact of any civil engineering project on local communities and environments too. Our commitment to the highest levels of corporate responsibility are applied to all the work we do – whether we’re constructing section 278 highways solutions or installing deep drainage systems.

Each and every individual that represents 1st call is proud to do so & strives to perform for our clients the highest level of service. We have a proven track record that clearly demonstrates exceptional performance throughout all departments of our organisation & ultimately very satisfied clients!